Welcome netizens! Thank you for visiting the website of Cheongsong-gun, a place of pine trees. It is located on the highland at the center of Nakdonggang River. It boasts beautiful nature including the Mt. Juwangsan National Park, which is one of 3 major rocky mountains in Korea and one of 8 most beautiful areas in Gyeongbuk province.

Tourist Guide Tourist attractions

  • 9 Beautiful Sceneries of Mt.Juwangsan
  • Jusanji Pond
  • Valleys/Streams

Local products

  • Cheongsong Apple
  • Washed Hot Pepper
Festivals/events - Cheongsong Cultural Festival, Mt.Juwangsan Korean Azalea Festival, Cheongsong Apple Festival, Mt.Juwangsan Ice Climbing Competition

Cheongsong Culture

  • Status of cultural assets
  • Cheongsong Folk Museum